[OFFICIAL] Hello Venus Couples List

Official Couples List

Please check here before you post a new couple!

This is to help people check if their couples already have a thread, so we avoid doubles.  ^^

Hello Venus Pairings

Ara + Alice = 2A

Ara + Lime = AraIm

Ara + Yoonjo = AJo

Lime + Alice = LimeIce

Yoonjo + Lime = LiYoon

Nara + Alice = NarAli

Yoojo + Alice = YoonHee

Yoonjo + Nara = couple name soon

Yooyoung + Lime = YooLi

Ara + Nara = Couple name soon

Nara + Lime = Couple name soon

Hello Venus + Female Groups

Hello Venus + After School = AS Lovers

Hello Venus + A Pink = Pink Venus

Hello Venus + Male Groups

Hello Venus + EXO = HEXO

Hello Venus + NU’EST = NU’VENUS

cr: hello-venus.com


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