[NEWS/INTER] ‘Birthday Punch Talk’: Yoonjo of Hello Venus “I hope I will be busier on my birthday 10 years later”


“Goddess-dol” Hello Venus is captivating many male fans with their bright and cute appeal. Yoonjo, who unfortunately was not not promote with her follow members due to her leg injury, has finally debuted/made a comeback with the new song ‘What Are You Doing Today?’ coincidently on her birthday. Her birthday is December 14th, 1992.

Yoonjo is not very well-known to the public since she’s never promoted the debut album. However, she’s featured in “Dream”, a song included in After School’s 1st Full Album, drawing attention of quite a few people with her vocal abilities. She even had a fanclub dedicated to her before her debut, highlighted as the most anticipated member of Hello Venus. Because the comeback week and her birthday overlap, she could not even think about having a birthday dinner. However, she positively said, “I wish my future birthdays to be busy as well.”

Q. What did you do for your birthday?
A. I went around interviewing with the press since morning. We are planning to meet with our fans on live streaming on Afreeca TV in celebrating our comeback and my birthday.

Q. Your birthday and the comeback/debut date overlaps. How do you feel about it?
A. I’m glad getting congratulatory message for both happy events but I’m sad about the lack of a good birthday dinner.

Q. How do you feel about aging?
A: I just became of age and received my right to vote so I can participate in the Presidential election. I’m still young so I don’t mind getting a bit older but I hope my face doesn’t get any older. Haha.

Q. What age are you looking forward the most?
A: 24. It will be around three years since Hello Venus’s debut. Many reporters and writers have told us that a hit song usually erupts after 2 to 3 years of debut. So I’m looking forward to that time dearly. Won’t we have a hit song by then? It’d be great if it happens earlier.

Q. Something you want to hear the most and least on your birthday?
A. I hate “Come get your birthday punches!” I like “Birthday Punch Talk,” of course, but I don’t like actually getting hit. I just want to hear the plain old “Happy Birthday~!” I called my mom yesterday after my debut stage, expecting a happy birthday, but she just gave me harsh comments and advices about the performance. I was a little sad from that but she sent me a happy birthday text this morning so I’m happy now.

Q. Did your mom have a dream of birth about you?
A: She said she received extremely valuable jewelries from her friend.

Q. When was your most memorable birthday?
A. I think it’s going to be today. It’s definitely the most hectic one, but it’s also the first birthday after debuting, so I received the most congratulatory messages from people. The members also congratulated me, of course. So I think this year’s birthday is definitely the most memorable one.

Q. What would you like for your birthday?
A. I want to hang all of my fan’s annual birthday rolling papers on my wall. They might not write me one every year, but if they do, I most definitely will do that. Oh! I’d really like Hello Venus to get 1st place on a music show program for my birthday gift.

Q. if you were given a birthday vacation, what would you like to do?
A. I’d go on a trip with my parents and perform for just them. They do monitor my performances on TV but they’ve never seen me perform directly so I’d like to show them.

Q. When you were a kid, were there any wishes you wished for? Did they come true?
A. I majored in Classical music when I was younger so I had specific near-sighted goals such as practical and entrance exams. I always asked to do well on those tests. Some of the requests came true but some just didn’t work out no matter how much I wish for it. Haha.

Q. How do you think your birthday in 2022 would be like?
A. Wouldn’t it be pretty similar to today? If I do have a wish then I’d want it to be busier and hectic day. It’s better to be tired than resting doing nothing. I feel better that way.

Q. Is there anyone you would like to thank on your birthday?
A. It’s my parents, of course. I caused a lot of trouble as I was coming out to the world so my mother had a very tough time giving birth to me. I’d love to thank both of them, and I’m not sure if I’ve been a good daughter so far, but I’ll make sure I become one.

Q. Say something to the one-year older Yoonjo.
A. Yoonjo! Happy birthday! You might face hard times later on in life but I know you can overcome them. I’m really proud of you for working so diligently on your birthday. Let’s live busily and be good to mom and dad.”

Sources: Economy Today & Mirajane@hello-venus
Translator: whoaarr@hello-venus
Credit: whoaarr@hello-venus

cr: hello-venus.com


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