[NEWS] Yoo Ara of Hello Venus “cried after hearing ‘What is Mom’ will be cancelled”

Leader of Hello Venus Yoo Ara has revealed her honest feelings about cancellation of “What is Mom”

In this once highly anticipated sitcom, Yoo Ara played the role of a teenage part-time worker at Na Moon-hee’s Noodle Shop, the only character not intimated to voice her opinions to the owner.

On December 5th, however, MBC has unexpectedly announced the cancellation of “What is Mom,” last episode airing on the 17th. The viewers and even the actors starring in the sitcom were startled by such sudden proclamation.

Yoo Ara, who was recently interviewed by TV Daily, has also expressed her disappointment about the cancellation. “I had a gathering with my sunbaenims (older and more experienced actors) and the executive producer yesterday because Mrs. Na Moon-hee wanted to treat us lunch. I ended up crying knowing this would be the last time.”

Yoo Ara debuted as an actress on “What is Mom” so the program meant a great deal to her.

“My heart broke when the executive producer said he loves us and that he’s sorry. But I’m trying to think positively and look forward to my future opportunities. This was my first project but I l gained so much from the experience. Even though it was a short period of time, I learned a great deal from fantastic producers and experienced actors. I really had an enjoyable time.”

Ara has been on stages as a member of Hello Venus and now on the filming sets as an actress. She talked about the different appeal of singing on stage and interacting with fellow actors.

“I’ve been singing since I was young, and since it’s my forte, I usually don’t get nervous on stage. I tense up and perform worse when I get nervous so I try to calm myself. However, when I’m acting, I forget my lines and blank out when the camera turns on. But I do get that thrilling feeling when I enter the filming set. Collaborating with other actors also makes me feel like I’ve fully transformed into my character.

Deeply engrossed in the charms of both singing and acting, Yoo Ara confidently stated she doesn’t want to give up her acting career, as “Acting-dol” is popular these days. “Being a singer is more relaxing since my members make me feel at home. Acting is slightly different. I’m still in the process of grasping the different aspects of acting so it’s very exciting and thrilling. I want to master both fields.”

Sources: TV Daily; Top Star News (Image); Mirajane@hello-venus
Translated by: whoaarr@hello-venus
Credit: whoaarr@hello-venus



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