[NEWS] 121219 Hello Venus’s YooAra & Yoonjo ‘We’ve voted, we are adults now’



Girl group Hello Venus members YooAra & Yoonjo are finally members of the adulthood since making this day the first one of their lifes on voting.

The girls said with a smile that it felt really ‘good’ to vote for a president for the Nation for the very first time.

They added “Now that we have voted for a president we feel more like adults, also we felt it was really important to vote for a president for our nation, last night we went home early, since we wanted to vote early in the morning of the next day”

YooAra was the first one to vote along Yoonjo ‘My birthday was a few days ago, so I just got my right to vote for the first time, we went with my parents, when filling up the ballot I was trembling, I think I did it good. Right now my parents think of me as an adult and that makes me really happy’ she smiled.

On the other hand, Hello Venus is promoting and having activities with their second mini-album ‘What Are You Doing Today?’.

Source: Heraldcorp & Mirajane
Translator: ポッキーぴなぴなパーク❤
Credit: ポッキーぴなぴなパーク❤ & Mirajane

via: hello-venus.com


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