[NEWS/INTER] 121217 Hello Venus says that regular meetings helped them become more honest with each other


Having debuted this May, Hello Venus is cheerful, lively and filled with charm. On December 12th, the group released their 2nd mini album ‘What Are You Doing Today’. Recently, the writer managed to interview the 6 girls who were making their first comeback in 6 months. Perhaps due to injured member Yoonjo’s return, the girls were able to happily voice their thoughts.

Alice and Yooara expressed, “Yoonjo wasn’t able to participate in the promotions for the 1st album, and now that all 6 members have debuted, we are curious about the fans’ reactions, and are practicing harder. In addition, there was a difference of 6 months, so we prepared like when we were debuting, everyone wanted to be perfect on stage.”

Every rookie has the desire of taking the stage, especially with ever-changing idol groups, the challenge is surviving in such a highly competitive music scene, just like for Hello Venus.

Yooara stated, “There are many rookies like us, we searched on the Internet, and everyone looked so pretty and talented. This made us more nervous, and we practiced more regularly. We have our own charms, hahaha.”

When the writer asked what their greatest charm was, the members answered without hesitation, “free and unrestrained.” Yooara said, “We don’t have a fixed image, a typical girl group seems very surreal, but we are very carefree.”

There is competition within girl groups not known to most. To make themselves stand out, everyone would spend a lot of effort on their appearance. Do the confident girls also compete with each other like this?

Yooara and Nara stated, “The staff said that the problem with our group was praising each other’s looks. We would say, ‘You look beautiful and cute today’ and keep praising our members. Our manager tells us that praising one another will make us more pretty and confident.”

Nara and Alice revealed, “We usually hold family meetings fortnightly, everyone would fix a time to have a drink and hold discussions. We also have dinner sessions frequently, and we would voice out all our thoughts, whether pleasant or not. Girls tend to talk a lot together, and we all talk in front of everyone, and not behind anyone’s backs, and also encourage each other. With individual activities, we now have more ideas.”

How about maknae Yooyoung? Does she have to do her unnies’ bidding? Originally maknae Yooyoung was thought to have a lot of grievances, but the writer received an unexpected answer. Yooyoung said, “Everyone thought that the maknae would have to suffer a lot, but the unnies said that I was really the ‘oldest’, they offered help whenever I needed them, and would consider my feelings. I never had to suffer, and felt really relaxed.”

The members were very understanding and cooperative throughout the interview, and the writer greatly experienced the members’ trust and care for each other. If they could maintain such perfect teamwork, they would probably achieve their goals very soon.

Finally, Lime and Nara expressed, “As our group name is Hello Venus, it gives people the impression of goddesses which are unapproachable. However, I hope that we can become artists that people will like the more they watch us, and we hope to produce our own album in the future, and that Hello Venus will be the longest lasting girl group in the music scene.”

Source: Sina (新浪娱乐)
Translated by: higuma @ hello-venus.com

cr: hello-venus.com


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