[NEWS] 130119 Hello Venus’s Lime shares her thoughts about her first birthday since debut through an interview


Hello Venus‘ Lime celebrated her 20th birthday (21st in Korean age) on the 19th and opened up about her first birthday since her debut, answering some questions through an interview.

Check out the questions and answers below!

Q: How are you going to celebrate your birthday?

A: “ I will probably be holding a fan signing and have a fun time with my fans.”

Q: Since it is your first birthday since your debut, does it feel any different?

A: “During my birthday last year, I spent my birthday practicing until late at night, but this time I am glad that I can celebrate it as Lime, with my members and fans.”

Q: What are your thoughts on getting a year older?

A: “I’m not sure. It is my 21st birthday and it is hard to believe that I am an adult. ㅜㅜ”

Q: What are the words you both love and hate to hear on your birthday?

A: “The words I don’t want to hear are ‘come over here’ (because they might want to give me playful birthday punches *cry*), and the words I want to hear are ‘I love you and let’s spend your next birthday together.’”

Q: What was your most memorable birthday?

A: “Last year, January 19th, 2012! My members wrote handwritten letters on a piece of sketchbook paper and gave it to me and I cried after reading it.”

Q: What was a unique gift you’ve received?

A: “I’ve received Yooyoung as a gift. keke She took care of my chores for one day!”

Q: What is the birthday gift that you want to receive?

A: “getting 1st place…”

Q: If you were given a birthday vacation, what is one thing you would like to do?

A: “One day I would like to go with my members to Gapyeong. Another day I would like to go with my family to Hongcheon.”

Q: What was one thing you wished for during birthdays of your childhood? Did it come true?

A: “It was to become a singer. It came true. I am really happy. ㅜㅜ”

Q: What do you think Lime’s birthday will be like ten years from now?

A: “Ten years later…I will be 31 years old. Won’t I probably be married and spend it with my husband? hehe.”

Q: Which celebrity would you like to receive a congratulatory message from on your birthday?

A: “Cha Tae Hyun sunbae. I want to be greeted happy birthday with the martial arts he performs [on ‘Jeon Woo Chi’].”

Q: Who do you want to thank on your birthday?

A: “My parents. I miss them very much. Although I can’t be with them this time, I am thankful that they gave birth to me. I will work harder to make up for their love.”

Q: Please say a message to yourself in honor of your birthday.

A: “Hyerim. Lime. I sincerely congratulate you on your first birthday since your debut, let’s not get sick and move forward. Don’t stop and run [after your dream]!! Kim Hyerim. Kim Lime. Fighting!”

Source: Kyungjae Today via Nateallkpop

via: hello-venus.com


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