[NEWS] 130305 Hello Venus, Girl Group to Pay Most Attention To in 2013

We are living in an idol group saturated society. The odds of winning the weekly lottery are probably higher than becoming a star in the current K-Pop market. The attention is naturally spread out with so many different groups out there, most of them failing to make it far.  However, there are few that stand out. Hello Venus, a six-membered girl group, is just starting to be that outshining star.

Hello Venus captured many hearts with their debut single “Venus” last year. Actor managing company “Fantagio” and singer managing entertainment “Pledis” chose three members each to make the team. Therefore, the team became a big issue even prior to debut as its members were rumored to be skilled in acting and singing, along many other specialties.

After receiving great remarks for their debut release “Venus” in May, they concluded their promotion with “Like a Wave” in July. It’s rare for a rookie to have a five-month hiatus after a rather short debut promotion. However, this did not stop them from sweeping the yearly music awards. Now, they made a comeback with “What Are You Doing Today?” in December. After promoting for about three months, they won the New Female Group of the Year Award at the “2nd Gaon Chart K-POP Awards.”

The six-membered girl group did not personally have to flaunt their friendship and teamwork; they just naturally seemed like a perfectly solved jigsaw puzzle.

‘We are close’ ‘We can just tell from looking at each other’ ‘I feel incomplete with them”

These are the typical thing girl groups tend to say when they are interviewed. However, Hello Venus was truly showing their affection towards each other instead of merely saying such remarks. They figured out each member’s strengths and weaknesses and helped each other out without mentioning.

“We never lacked confidence since we debuted. Whatever the activity may be, singing or acting, we were never forced to do anything. We just practiced hard on things we were interested in, so we were nervous but never unconfident. Did we expect some advantages from being from Pledis? Well, we are very grateful to have successful sunbaes in the same company, yes.” (Ara)

Such confidence is hard to find in a rookie girl group. Maybe it’s because of all the awards? However, as the interview went on, it was evident their confidence came from diligence, not arrogance.

“We are indeed singers, so we have to fulfill our duties as singers first. And then we work on our acting. Ara was the first one to debut as an actress in the group but all six of us are aspiring actresses. We are all working hard to make our dreams come true. It does not make sense to start anything when you’re not prepared —we are working hard to be prepared to start.” (Nara)

Is it because of their confidence? Ever since the five months of hiatus, they are promoting their new song for three months now. It’s not typical for a new group to do this. Most of them have continuous promotions with very short breaks in between to keep on showing themselves to the public.

“I was a bit disappointed at our quite short debut promotion. We definitely wanted to promote a bit longer, but it didn’t make sense to just go on stage in front of our fans with nothing new to show. So we halted our promotion and prepared to make a comeback as an improved Hello Venus. Now we are holding longer promotion to meet our fans more intimately.” (Lime)

As Lime mentioned, they are holding a very eventful promotion. After concluding their broadcast promotions on the third week of February, they are now focusing on meeting their fans. They are attending many events and off-air performances to personally interact with the crowd.

“We not only gained the New Artist Award from our promotions, but also recognition and personal satisfaction. From time to time, we show our tired posture to our fans due to exhausting schedule. However, we try to encourage each other and work it out. We are trying to interact with our fans more through this promotion so please greet us and cheer us on when you see us.” (Ara)

Hello Venus promised to relax and to have fun on the stage. As they gain more confidence and explore in to new fields, their chance of becoming a star team is only getting better.
INDO Trans:

Kita hidup dalam masyarakat grup idola jenuh. Peluang untuk menang lotere mingguan mungkin lebih tinggi daripada menjadi bintang di pasar K-Pop saat ini. Perhatian secara alami menyebar dengan kelompok yang berbeda begitu banyak di luar sana, sebagian besar dari mereka gagal untuk membuatnya jauh. Namun, ada beberapa yang menonjol. Hello Venus, sebuah kelompok gadis beranggota enam, hanya mulai bahwa bintang outshining.

Translation: whoaarr@hello-venus
Credit: whoaarr@hello-venus
Sources: Etoday

via: hello-venus.com
Indo Trans: Nisa Utari


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