[FF | ENGLISH VER] So Many Things

I’M SORRY IF MY ENGLISH IS SO BAD :(( This is my first time made an english FF

Tittle:  So Many Things

Main Cast:

EXO’s Kim Joon Myeon (Suho)

Hello Venus’ Kwon Nara (Nara)

Other cast: Sehun & Luhan

Author: @_Autumn59 »»  nisautari94.wordpress.com

Length: Ficlet & (Songfic, “Yoseob & Gayoon – If You Want Lover”)

Genre: Alternate Universe, Songfic, Fluff & Romance

Note: Inspired by the song and the lyrics of If You want a Lover. In the learning phase and reduce typo. sorry if the plot is too fast.


-Author POV-

Winter will soon be over, flowers begin to bloom. Signifies spring is coming soon. The girl, Nara, ran toward Suho. Sitting on a white bench, resting his head on the back of the pew. Make the guy next to turn his head, smiling.

“Joon Myeon-aa, you know. I suddenly thought about, uhm .. “Boyfriend”, The girl turned to Suho, making their eyes at each other for a split second.

Nara waved his hand in front of face Suho, frowned, “Hey ..”
“Ah, yes?”, Suho realized. Make the girl in front of him a slight smile.

“If I’ve a boyfriend, There’s so many things I’ve wanted to do and I’ve aways dreamed “, Nara staring straight ahead, glancing at two small children who were playing in the sand. A moment later, the wind blows, shaking loose a few strands of hair.

Suho move her hand, pushed back behind her ears belong to the girl. Romantic? Well, that’s what they always do. Too romantic for a pair, you know, “friend”. Or, they might even think it adopts, HTS (bahasa). Relationship without status. Unbound.

“Ok ok, I’m just kidding lady Kwon. Please continue ”

Nara breathed. Preparing to start, expressed his thoughts.

“The second one. Is a train to ChoonChun at dawn”, Nara showing her white teeth, staring at Suho which implies to continue her words.

“The third one, going on a picnic. And the fourth one, getting a ride on him back”, Nara stop he said, because Suho was staring at him gently.

“Wae?”, Nara Suho looked confused. Birds flying over them as well as slow down the speed of their flight. As if you want to know, say what you want at Suho.

“The second, third and fourth. We’ve done Nara-ya “, A smile appeared on the face Suho. Nara makes a bit of thinking, remembering. “But this is different. We do so on the basis of “friendship”. If what I think, on the basis of love. Underline, LOVE “, protested Nara, emphasizing the last word.

“Ok. Please continue “, immediately, Suho leaned back again. Nara rather annoyed with the statement about the word “friendship”.

“And the fifth. Couple rings as usual”, Nara lifted her head, staring at the blue sky. While Suho, looking down, looking for something. After her gaze fixed on the grass nearby setangai interest. He quickly took it. Keep it on his left side.

“You know what? It would be really sweet”, continued Nara.

Suho opened his mouth, “That’s it,” he asked. “Ergh, well. While this is the only”

“Now, it’s my turn,” continued Suho. Hearing this, Nara tilting seat. Suho little face. Seen once, he was very interested in what’s going on say “friend” is.

“There are so many I’ve also wanted to do and I’ve always been jealous “, “What’s that?” Nara getting impatient. “Midnight movies, also amusement park, surprise event too, it would be really lovable”

“Only three? You said a lot, “said Nara looked at Suho as-you-liar. “I’m lazy to mention it, ahaha” Suho corrected with a chuckle.

“Tsk ..”, Nara snorted indignantly. Folded his arms across his chest, making Suho more chuckles.

Aware of anything, Suho smiled slightly. Turned increasingly facing seat Nara. His hands cupped her cheeks, looked inside. The girl’s eyes hinted-what do you want? -. With casual style, right hand pushed her hair back Suho Nara.

“Look at me, listen to me, remember. Just listen, ok ‘”, he says thoughtfully. Making Nara seemed to nod.

Suho take a deep breath before opening his mouth, ” Why does my heart goes thump thumb just thinking about you? Every little thing every day I’m going try it with you.’m Glad that you’re here ’cause every day is enjoyable. Now that we’re together. You, my dear, baby boo. Dou you remember? The birthday when I was alone, the boring weekends, Now I can not wait until the tagged days. I Like it ’cause it’s the two of us, I like it ’cause we’re together. No matter where you are, or whatever we’re doing. I’ve wanted to do the best things among the rest”.
Nara silent, trying to digest every sentence she asked the man who was in front of her now. Suho, again took a deep breath. “I LOVE YOU”

Hearing that, throat felt choked Nara. Shocked, of course.

“Nara-ya. Would you be mine?” , ” Suho deepen his gaze. It was as if time stopped, then returned Nara realized after a few seconds. And without thinking, nodded. Making faces Suho very excited. He hugged the girl has now officially become “him’s”.

“I Love you too. Thanks so much for coming to me, you being next me. My only love, baby boo “.

Nara hugged Suho. Red blush appeared on her cheeks. Blue cloud that had seemed to turn into an all-pink, as if birds dancing around mareka, fragrant flowers fragrant add “an unforgettable atmosphere” them, become more beautiful and comfortable.

Suho release the arms, take something next to him, the flower of grass. “Eh?” Nara seems confused. Quickly, Suho mebuat simpu in the manisgadisny finger. A ring, romantic.

“Your wish ..”, said Suho eventually. Nara stunned, did not realize his dream recently in utarakannya, in a moment immediately answered. Reflex, Nara Suho hugged again. The man then ran Nara hair flowing down her back.

“Gomawo, jeongmal gomawo” said Nara sincere.

It was getting dusk, the sky has begun to color to an orange-orange. Making the Suho forced to terminate his arms.

“It’s late. We go home, ok? “, He clasped his girl. They stood together, set foot in rhythm. Breathe air now feels fresher than ever. Remember, their relationship is not bound, it’s over. A new start..

“Wait”, Suho stopped. Making Nara at him, stopped. Not until a second, Suho thrust his face. Nara could feel the sound of her lover’s breath. With a heart that continues to beat fast, she closed her eyes.

A little longer, the two lips of human beings that will fit together. Increasingly “tying” them.

However, something, or maybe a small hand pull pulled his shirttail Nara. Make the girl opened her eyes. His hands hold the chest Suho, signaled to stop.

Suho look at Nara(?) confused and disappointed, as if to ask, “why?”

“Noona, do not step thhoop(scoop) thehun”, with a plain face, the boy pleaded. Nara lifted his legs, berjongok take the shovel belonged to it. “I’m sorry. Noona didn’t see it”, Nara soft hair scrambles of Sehun. Suho who see it merely smiled.

Suddenly, came a boy again. He immediately bowed respectfully, “Mianhe noona, hyung. Luhan and Sehun wrong. Our last drop “. With the Korean language is not so smooth boy was trying to explain.

“Gwenchana”, Nara replied softly.

“Ergh, noona. Thehun with Luhan hyung will go first yes. Thehun’s agency already itching. conceded sand “, Sehun bent.

“Annyeong noona, hyung ..” involved bent Luhan.

Both the boy and walked away. Leave Suho and Nara.

“Where were we?”, Tanya Suho, pretend not remember.
“Ergh ….. I do not remember”, Nara replied, then quickly he ran left Suho.

Suho’s eyes immediately widened, “Ya! Is not that your petition?”, Cried Suho.

But that in turn only briefly yelling, keep running. Consciously been left behind, Suho starts chasing Nara.

Garden, white benches and orange clouds in the evening, a silent witness to the beginning of their story-Nara and Suho-


Finally, in 3 hours. This FF finally finished \ m /

My First Fluff. Aaa, already fixed and its not fluff?

OK, thanks for the read ^ ^ and don’t forget RCL (Read, Coment, Like)

Nisa Utari / Autumn / Park Hye Na * bow *


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