[NEWS] 130610 KBS K-Wave Mag Hello Venus Interview

Hello Venus, Gwiyomi! They are cuties!
Venus is the goddess of love and beauty in Greek mythology. There is only one goddess in the myth but in the KPOP world there are six goddesses.

They are not Just Named after a Goddess.
April 2012, their debut, Hello Venus was nothing but ordinary. They were noticeable with their goddess-like appearances. Of course, if their appearances were everything they got, their fame would have been short lived, but they had outstanding musical as well.
They received great applaisals from their cable channel debut, and shortly after they appeared on the ground wave music program they were noticed as the “Great Newbies”. Soon after, they got their own entertainment show called Hello Venus. All that happenned within only two months of their debut.
Their second mini album,”What Are U Doing Today?”, was a great hit as well. Hello Venus had a successful career with successive hits and appearances in various programs. Finally, they got the highest honor by receiving the Rookie of the Year award. As a rookie, Hello Venus got everything they could. Perhaps they are goddesses of the music world after all.
Kwave : The cutie song you shot today, wasn’t it burdensome? Actually, I asked you guys to do it, but wasn’t it a bit awkward?
Alice : When we shot our individual pictures, It was not burdensome or awkward. Instead, the video made us a bit embarassed. That’s why we were screaming. (Laughs)
Kwave : Could you tell us a bit about your album? Why do all your songs end in question formats like “What’re U Doing Today?” or “Would You Stay for Tea?”
Yoonjo : We are curious, too. Why does that happen all the time? I guess the songwriter wanted to give us a sequel to the song.
Kwave : Then what part of the song continues from the previous one? What’s the difference?
Nara : “What’re U Doing Today?” is about being asked out on a date. It is a song about a woman who talks in a shy and cute way. I think “Would You Stay for Tea?” is the song that tells us what happens next. Now that she has succeeded in going out with the guy she liked, she now moves forward. That’s what our music video is about as well, it feels like we are singing about physical affection.
Kwave : It reminds me of “Would You Stay for Ramen?” that song was famous for some time.
Nara : Yes, in fact, a lot of people online thought our song was “Would You Stay for Ramen Version 2”. “Would You Stay for Tea?” expresses the mind of a woman who wants to stay a bit longer with her boyfriend. I think many people think so as well.
Kwave : What do you think your next song’s concept will be?
Nara : We talk about that among ourselves as well. When we asked ourselves,”What would be a good title for our next song?” Yooyoung made a joke, but it’s true, when there’s a meeting there’s also a break up. Perhaps the next concept will be “Will you get out of my life?”
Yooara : I think we will just work with the color we started with.

After a Year, the Evolving Hello Venus
Kwave : How has your first year been?
Yoonjo : It still doesn’t feel like it yet. I can’t believe it has already been a year. Thanks to everyone’s hard work, we have come so far without any big problems. Even though a year has passed, we still think we are lacking in some areas. I think we will need to try harder in the future as well.
Kwave : What was the most memorable thing that happened last year?
Alice : The Rookie of the Year award.
Kwave : It’s something that you can not receive again. You got two of them, and it’s hard for others to get even one.
Ara : Yes. We were really glad about it, too. We thought we were not going to get it. We were somehow expecting it, but there were too many good groups. Getting the Rookie of the Year means we have many fans who love us a lot. In return for their love, we will work harder.
Kwave : On the contrary then, is there anything you regret?
Yooyoung : For some reason, we could not work with Yoonjo in the beginning. That was the most regrettable time. It would have been better if we worked together then.
Kwave : Will there be any new members added or members being pulled out?
Yooara : Actually, we don’t want any other members added or want any members to leave. We are not a group that thinks about admissions or graduations like After School. I want us six members to work together in the future as well.

Source : KBS K-Wave Magazine June Issue
cr: chandeul @ hello-venus.com


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