Fans’ question and Hello Venus’ answer

– Fan: Lime VS Yoonjo; if you two are fighting, who will win? Lime: We’re lovebirds

– Fan: If you come to Japan, what would you want to do? Lime: I want to wear kimono~

– Me (YooyoungFacts) : YY! which singer do u like the most? YY: I like Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears! Their voices are so good ^^ Taylor Swift is nice too!

-@/LimeHV_Zone: I asked Yoonjo: “if you can be an animal, what animal you would choose and why?” Yoonjo: “i want to be human.” orz

– Fan: what is your favorite fruit? Lime” I like apple >_<


cr/via : hellovenus_sg , limehv_zone , yooyoungfacts


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